C-04-05 Stop an Order

Who: Contract Administrator
Why: Work on the Order needs to cease and not resume.
When: An order can be stopped if it has progressed to the status Work In Progress or beyond. If the order is stopped at this point the Supplier may wish to claim expenses incurred (e.g. mobilisation).
Before you begin
  • If the Order only needs to be modified before work commences/resumes, the Order should be recalled rather than stopped. See topic Recall an Order for details.
  • See topic Manage an Overdue Order for Orders that have gone into an overdue status because the Supplier did not respond in time.
Related topics

This procedure can only be performed when the Order is at status Work In Progress. After the Contract Administrator has stopped the Order the Supplier must action the Stopped Order Request. If they wish to submit a Claim for expenses already incurred on the Order they must do this instead of acknowledging the Stopped Order. If they acknowledge the Stopped Order, it is cancelled and no further claims for expenses can be made against it.

  1. On the ConSol menu select Worklist > Viewable.
    The My Worklist Summary appears.
    • NOTE: Other methods to find the required Order include using the Search Order or Find Order functions (see topic Find/View/Modify Order Details) and using the My Work function (see topic My Work Overview & Search).
  2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Work in Progress - Orders Open (View Only).
    NOTE: If there are no Orders at status WORK IN PROGRESS (count = 0) you will not be able to click the link.
    The list of Work In Progress Orders appears.
  3. Click the Action button next to the Order that you want to stop.
    The View Order screen appears. The Supplier may have Events configured within ConSol. In this case the Work In Progress is split into as many as seven Events (sub-stages).
    N1 - In the example shown, the Order has progressed to the 3rd Event.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the View Order screen and click the Stop Order button.
    The Stop Order screen appears.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Stop Order screen and fill in the Reason for stopping the Order.
  6. Click the Confirm Stop Order button (or click the Back To Worklist button to back out without stopping the Order).
    The Supplier receives an email notification that the Order has been stopped. The Order is now back with the Supplier for them to action the Stopped Order Request.
    If the Supplier acknowledges the stopped Order, it goes either to status Order Cancelled (if no invoices were approved against the Order) or Order Complete (if invoices were approved).
    • NOTE: The Supplier can submit a claim for expenses on the Stopped Order Request. The Claim will appear in the Work Completed – Docket Submitted For Approval worklist (N2) along with Claims for Orders where the work was completed normally. Process the Claim using the normal procedure. See topic Verify a Claim.
    • The only difference from the normal claims verification process is that the screen indicates that the Claim is for a stopped Order.
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