C-03-03 Modify Rights to View Attachment

Who: Job Originator, Contract Administrator, Scheduler, Verification
Why: It is possible to limit who can view documents and notes attached to an Order if the content is of a sensitive nature. The same applies to certain actions applied to the Order (e.g. an Order approval by a manager).
Before you begin
  • The document or text note has already been attached to the Order. See topic Attach Document to an Order or Project View for details.
Related topics
  1. Find and open the Order (or Project View) for which you need to modify access rights.
    See topic Find/View/Modify Order Details.
    The View Order screen appears (or the Project View screen appears).
  2. Click the History tab.
    The History of actions applied to this Order is displayed.
    N1 - The View By column shows who has rights to see each item on the History list.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the History list and click the Modify View Access button.
    The Edit Order History window opens.
    N2 – Anyone with access can click on the File icon to view a copy of the document.
    N3 – Any item on the history list that can have its access restricted has a drop down box in the Change To column. In the example shown below, access can be restricted to the attached file and also to view who approved to the Order.
  4. For each item you want to change access rights, select from the Change To drop down list.
    Customer Only - No Supplier personnel can view see this Attachment/action when they view the History tab.
    Current Supplier Only - The attachment/action is visible to Customer personnel and any Supplier to which the Order has been allocated. E.g. The Order was refused by one supplier then reallocated to another Supplier. If the Current Supplier Only option is selected, each Supplier can see the attachment at the time the Order was accessible to them.
    Order’s Current Supplier - The attachment/action is visible only to Customer personnel and the Supplier to which the Order was allocated when it was attached to the Order. E.g. An attachment was made containing information specific to the Suppler to which the Order was transmitted but that Supplier refused the Order and it was reallocated to another Supplier. If the Order’s Current Supplier option is selected, the second Supplier will not see the attachment.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Order History window and click the Submit button.
    The Edit Order History window closes and display returns to the View Order screen, History tab.
    N4 - The View By column is updated to show the changed access rights.
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