C-11-06 View/Export Supplier Quote

Who: Customer Quoting
Why: The Quotes can only be viewed after the closing date for submissions.
See topic Create a New Master Quote for details.
When: After sending out request to quote to Suppliers.
Before you begin
  • Create a Master Quote and send requests to Suppliers to provide quotes. See the Related Topics section for topics that provide more information on these actions.
Related topics
  1. Find and open the Master Quote.
    See topic Find an Existing Master Quote.
    The Master Quote screen appears.
    • NOTE: The Quotes can only be viewed and exported once the end date/time for submissions has been reached (N1).
  2. Click View next to the Quote that you wish to view/export.
    The View Quote window opens with the Details tab selected. If there are any attachments from the Supplier the Attachment label is coloured red.
  3. If there are attachments, click the folder icon next to the Attachment label.
    The History tab is displayed.
  4. Look for an entry in the Note Type column called “Attachment” (N2) and click the file icon on that line.
    The file open window appears.
  5. Select Open with or Save File then click the OK button.
    The file is saved/opened and the file open window closes.
  6. Back in the View Quote window, click the Items tab.
    The Itemised quote from the Supplier is displayed.
    N3 - If the Unit Rate entered by the Supplier differs from the indicative rate entered by the customer on the Master Quote, it is displayed in red text.
    If the Supplier has entered a different quantity (Order Qty) from the Original Quantity, it is displayed in red text.
    The estimated cost on the Master Quote can be compared to the total value of the Supplier quote displayed below the list of items(N4).
  7. If the quote needs to be further analysed in a spreadsheet, click the Export button.
    If Export Templates have been set up, the Export Templates window opens.
  8. Click Select next to the required template.
    The file save window opens.
  9. Select Open with or Save File then click OK.
    The quote is exported as a CSV format file that can be opened using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.
  10. When you have finished examining the quote in the View Quote window, click the Close button.
    The View Quote window closes and the display returns to the Master Quote screen.
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