C-10-01 Create a Master Quote (from Basic Order)

Who: Customer Quoting
Why: The Customer may request quotes for a piece of work from several Suppliers before selecting which Supplier will be allocated the Order.
When: An Order must be created and processed up to the Categorise stage. Then a Master Quote can be created based on the Order.
Before you begin
  • There are two ways to create a Master Quote. The following procedure describes how to create the Master Quote from a New Order which is not part of a Project View. If the Quote is part of a Project View, it is more efficient to create the Quote from within the Project View. See the topic Create a Master Quote from a Project View for details of the other method.
Related topics
To create the quote from a New Order (not associated with a Project View):

See topic Create a New Master Quote from a Project View for steps to create the Quote from a Project View.

  1. Create a New Order.
    See topic Create a New Order.
  2. Categorise the Order (see topic Categorise an Order) but instead of clicking the Continue button (to proceed to the Itemise Order screen), click the Obtain Quote button.
    A warning message box is displayed indicating that, after converting the Order to a Quote, it cannot be changed back to an Order.
  3. Click the OK button.
    The Itemise Master Quote screen appears.
  4. If the items and quantities required for the work are known, use the Items tab to create an Items as you would when itemising an Order.
    See topic Itemise an Order for more details.
    Unit Rates should be entered for each item to provide an indicative value as a benchmark against which Supplier quotes can be compared. After filling in each line, the Quote Total ($) is automatically calculated (N1).
    • NOTE: The Unit Rate, Estimated Cost of each item and Quote Total are not visible to the Suppliers. These are displayed only to the Customer on the Master Quote as reference for comparison with the quotes submitted by the Suppliers. When the Supplier views the Quote request they can see the Quantity specified for each item.
To create the quote without itemising:

In some instances you may wish to create the Master Quote without a detailed list of items. For example, you may wish to specify what work needs to be undertaken and allow each Supplier to itemise their individual quotes.

  1. If this is the case, do the following instead of step 4 above:
    1. Add a single placeholder item to the Item list.
    2. Enter the estimated total quote price in the Quote Estimate ($) field.
    3. Use the Attach tab to upload a document specifying the required work.
      See Attach a Document to an Order or Project View for details.
      • NOTE: The Supplier can use the attached document to determine what items and costings to add to the Quote when they respond to the request.

After performing either step 4 or step 5 above, continue the procedure as follows:

  1. Enter the Close Date and Close Time (in 24 hour format) by which the Suppliers must submit their quotes.
  2. Click the Continue button.
    The Master Quote screen appears.
    N2 - The Master Quote is identified by a 7 digit number with the “M” prefix.
    N3 - At any time during the quote process the Customer or Suppliers can make additional attachments of text notes or files to the quote. See topic Attach a Document to an Order or Project View for details.
    N4 - Click the Re-Itemise button to return to the Itemise Order screen and revise the list of items and/or quantities or the Quote Estimate.
    N5 – Click Change Close Date if the quoting close date needs to be revised.
    N6 – Clicking Cancel Master Quote will cancel the whole quoting process. Any quotes already submitted will be discarded. See topic Manage Supplier Quotes for details on actioning individual quotes.

    N7 – The status of the Master Quote is displayed at the top of the screen. At this point it has been created but there are two more steps to initiate the quoting process.
  3. Select the Suppliers who will be requested to quote.
    See topic Select Suppliers for Quote.
  4. Send the requests to the selected Suppliers.
    See topic Send Request to Quote to Suppliers.
    • NOTE: If the Master Quote is re-Itemised or the dates are changed after sending requests to quote to the Suppliers, the amended requests must be resent and Suppliers have to resubmit their quotes.
Tips & Troubleshooting
  • To return to action the Master Quote at a later time, it will be found in the Quotes section of the Worklist. Which list it is in depends on the status of the Quote. If it has not been sent to Suppliers, it is accessible by clicking Master Quotes Not Yet Sent.
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