C-03-02 Add Note to an Order/PV - Send Message via Inbox

Who: Any User who can view the Order
Why: Text notes can be added to Orders and Project Views to be viewed via the History tab or they can be explicitly sent as messages to the User(s) ConSol Message Inbox.
When: Text Notes can be added to the Order or Project View at any stage even if the Order is currently with the Supplier to be actioned.
Related topics
This procedure describes how to:
  • Add a text note to the Order or Project View;
  • Send a message to another User’s inbox.
See topic Attach Document to an Order / Project View for steps to:
  • Attach a single file directly to the Order or Project View;
  • Attach multiple files to the Order (via email).
  • N1 – Text notes that apply to the whole Project can be added to the Project View.
  • N2 – Text notes that apply to the Order are added to the Order rather than Project View.
  • N3 – Add text notes to “stand alone” Orders (not associated with a Project View).
  • The procedure is essentially the same for Orders and Project Views.
  • Use the Attach tab on the Project View to add notes to the Project View.
  • Use the Attach tab on the Order to add notes to the Order or send messages about the Order.
  1. Go to the Order or Project View to which you need to add the text note (or about which you want to send a message to another User).
    In the example shown above the Order is part of a Project View. The Find Project View function was used to open the Project View screen and the Orders tab was clicked to list the Orders associated with the Project View.
    N1 - If you were adding the text note to the Project View, you would click the Attach tab on the Project View screen then continue with the procedure below.
    • NOTE: Other methods to find the required Order include using the Search Order or Find Order functions (see topic Find/Modify Order Details) and using the My Work function (see topic My Work Overview & Search).
    • IMPORTANT: The Order does not have to be recalled from the Supplier to make either a text note or document attachment. As long as your role allows access to the Order, attachments can be made at any Order status whether the Order is with the Customer or the Supplier. For example, a document may be attached to the Order after the Supplier has accepted and it has gone to status WORK IN PROGRESS.
  2. Click the Attach tab.
    The Attachment options are displayed.
    N2 - The Forms section has links to any standard forms associated with this Order. The Forms section is not included in the Attach tab of Project Views.
    N3 - By default the Add Note Text option (Add Note option in Project View) is selected. See topic Attach Document to Order / Project View for details on the options to attach documents.
    N4 - By default the Internal Staff Only option is selected. With this option only personnel from your own company can see the note. This option is not available when adding a note to the Project View. Project view notes are only visible to internal staff.
    • NOTE: If adding the note to a Project View, the following options are not visible. Skip steps 3, 4 and 5 below.
  3. If the note needs to also be visible and downloadable by the Supplier or if you need to send the text note as a message to the Supplier via their Inbox, select the Current Supplier and Internal Staff option.
    N5 - Depending on the messaging configuration of both Customer and Supplier, the message options may be displayed. The message options are displayed. By default the Yes option is selected. This means that, in addition to being added as a note to the Order, it will be sent as a message to the Supplier’s ConSol Inbox. See topic Manage Message Inbox & Archive for more information.
  4. If the note is only to be added to the Order without sending as a message, select the No option.
    N6 - The Supplier Workgroup with which this Order (or Project View) is associated.
    • NOTE: On the Supplier side the term “Resource” is used to refer to a Workgroup.
  5. If the note is being sent as a message (Yes option selected) and you want the message sent to a specific User, tick the check box.
    • N7 - If you tick the box, the message will appear only in that specific User’s My Inbox.
    • N8 - If you do not tick the check box, the message will be sent to the whole Workgroup. All Users who are members of the Resource (Workgroup) will be able to access the message from the common Resource Inbox (Workgroup Inbox).
  6. To create the note on an Order do the following:
    1. Select the Note Type.
      Commentary Notes are included in some reports (e.g. to report progress on a particular Order while it is at Work In Progress). Normal Notes do not appear in reports.
    2. Type a title/reason for the note in the Description field (maximum 200 characters).
    3. Type the text of the note.
    4. Use the editing and formatting tools as required to build and style the text.
      N9 – Use the Edit CSS Style tool 3-2-6_Attach_note-Attach_Note_Text-Format-icon.png for advanced text formatting (font colour, style etc.).
    5. Click the Add button.
      • In Project View adding the note is simplified. Type the Note Details (N10) then click the Create button (N11).
    Depending on the messaging configuration and options you selected, the Carbon Copy screen may appear. A list of other users in the Supplier Resource (workgroup) and the Customer Workgroup is displayed. To skip sending copies to other users, click the Skip button (N12).
  7. If the Carbon Copy options are visible and you want to send a copy of the message to any of these users do the following:
    1. Tick the check box next to the names of the Users to whom you wish to send a copy.
    2. Click the Submit button.
      N13 - The display returns to the Attach tab ready to create a new note.
  8. To see the newly added note, click the History tab.
    The History of actions applied to this Order (or Project View) is displayed.
    N14 - Notes added to an Order are listed as Note Type “Attach Note”. Notes added to a Project View are listed as Note Type “System”.
    N15 - If the note on the Order was also sent as a message, an entry will appear of Note Type “Message” showing the message title and to whom it was sent.
    • NOTE: If the note was made visible to the Supplier, Supplier personnel who have access to this Order (or Project View) can also go to the History tab to see the note.

    N15 - If the note was also sent as a message, the recipient will see a pop-up notification.
    N16 - When they go to their Inbox, they can click View to read the message.
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