C-01-09 Transmit Order to Supplier

Who: Contract Administrator
Why: Transmit the Order to the allocated Supplier for them to either accept or reject.
When: After the order has been itemised and allocated to a Supplier.
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The Transmit Order stage takes place after the Itemise Order stage

  • NOTE: If the itemised Order value is higher than the limit the Contract Administrator can approve, it will escalate to a Manager for approval. At the Order Requires Approval screen, the Contract Administrator can select ôYesö on the Auto Deliver on Manager's Approval option (N1). If this is selected, when the Manager grants approval the Order automatically transmits to the Supplier bypassing the Transmit Order stage.
Transmit Order to Allocated Supplier
  1. On the ConSol menu select Worklist > All.
    The My Worklist Summary appears.
    • NOTE: Other methods to find the required Order include using the Search Order or Find Order functions (see topic Find/Modify/Export Order Details) and using the My Work function (see topic My Work Overview & Search).
  2. Click Orders Not Yet Sent.
    The list of orders allocated to Suppliers but not yet sent appears.
  3. Click the Action (or Acquire) button to open the Order you wish to transmit to a Supplier.
    The Transmit Order screen appears with the Items tab selected.
  4. View all the tabs to ensure that all the information is entered in correctly, mandatory fields are filled in and that relevant documentation is attached.
  5. If required, click the Export button to export the list of items to a CSV format file for viewing in a spreadsheet program.
    The Order details can also be exported to CSV. See topic Export Order to Spreadsheet (CSV format) for procedure for exporting data from the Order.
  6. Click the Transmit button.
    The Transmit Order success screen appears. When the selected Supplier logs in to ConSol they will see the order in their Worklist under Orders not Yet Accepted.
  7. Click Back to Worklist.
    The display returns to the list of Orders Not Yet Sent.
    • NOTE: The Order is now on the Supplier side for them to either accept or reject. The Order is no longer in your actionable Worklist. The Order can be retrieved by searching on Order number using the Find Order function.
    • N2 - It can also be found using the Worklist > Viewable menu option.
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