C-01-04 Copy an Order

Who: Job Originator, Contract Administrator
Why: You can save time creating a new order by copying an existing order that has very similar details.
When: An Order can be copied at any time after it has been itemised.
Before you begin
  • The original Order must be created and progressed at least to the Itemise Order stage.
Related topics
  1. Find and view the Order that you wish to copy.


    • NOTE: Methods to find the required Order include using the Search Order or Find Order functions (see topic Find/Modify Order Details) and using the My Work function (see topic My Work Overview & Search).


  2. Scroll to the bottom of the order and click the Copy button.
    A copy of the order is made and a new order number allocated. The Copy Order notification message appears.


  3. If the attachments from the original Order are required in the new Order, click Copy Attachments.
    The notification message is updated to show the number of attachments that were copied.
  4. To start editing the new Order, click the Continue With Copy button.
    The Assign Order screen appears with the new (copied) Order displayed ready for editing. The Order is at the Dispatch Order stage.
  5. Continue processing the order as per the steps in the topic Dispatch Order to progress the new Order to the Categorise Order stage.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • While creating a new Order, a copy can be made during the Categorise Order or Itemise Order stages by clicking the Save & Copy button.
  • WARNING: The copy has the same Service Period Start Date and Service Period End Date as the original Order it was copied from. After creating the copy ensure that the dates are valid (e.g. End date not in the past).
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