Close Deliverable Order and Submit Final Claim

Who:    Provider Operations
Why:    All associated Deliverable Orders must be are closed before the Engagement Order can be      closed and a final Payment Claim submitted.


This user guide covers the following procedures:

  • Mark a Deliverable Order as complete;
  • Submit a zero dollar Claim.

The purpose of the Deliverable Order is to request a document or item of work the Provider is required to deliver to the Client as part of an Engagement.

There are four steps to closing out the Deliverable Order: 

1. If applicable, upload the required document to the Deliverable Order.  

2. Mark the Order as complete (described in this user guide).  

3. Submit a $0.00 Payment Claim (described in this user guide)

NOTE: The claim is a formality only to close out the Deliverable Order. Deliverable Orders are fixed at $0.00. All claims associated with producing the Deliverable should be made by means of a Payment Claim against the Engagement Order.

4. The Client must approve or reject the uploaded Deliverable document.

  • NOTE: An attempt to submit a final claim on the Engagement Order before all associated Deliverable Documents are approved will cause the following message to appear (N1) 

  • If this occurs, contact the relevant Client Matter Manager and provide a list of all the Deliverable Order numbers associated with the Matter so the Client can find the associated documents within LPG and approve them.

To mark a Deliverable Order as complete:


1. Find and open the Matter with which the Deliverable Order is associated. 
The Matter screen appears.
  • N1 – The Deliverable Order will need to have the status WORK IN PROGRESS – OPEN for it to be marked complete.

2. If it is not already selected, click the Engagement tab.

3. Scroll down to the ORDER(S) section and click the Action button (or Acquire button) next to the Deliverable Order you wish to mark as complete.

The Order In Progress screen appears.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Work In Progress screen and click the Order Complete button.

The Order has been marked Done screen appears.
  • N2 - Clicking the Back to Worklist button returns the display to the screen from which the Deliverable Order was accessed. In this example, the display returns to the Matter screen.
  • N3 - The Status of the Order is changed to “DONE – AWAITING CLAIM”.
  • N4 - The claim can be submitted later if necessary by clicking the Action button.
  • IMPORTANT: Marking the Order as Complete is only the first step to close the Deliverable Order. A $0.00 Claim must now be submitted. Although you can click the Back to Worklist button, it is strongly recommended to continue and submit the Claim immediately as described in the following steps.


Now to complete the Final Claim

  1. Click the Continue to Submit Final Claim button.
    The Submit Claim screen appears with the Items tab selected.
    N5 - The Deliverable item is fixed at $0.00.
    N6 - If required, the Order can be pulled back to Status “WORK IN PROGRESS” by clicking the Work Not Completed button.
  2. The Docket Start Date defaults to the Order start date and the Docket End Date defaults to today’s date. If necessary change the dates.
  3. Click the Submit Claim button.
    A message is displayed warning that you are making a $0.00 claim. This is a valid action because Deliverable Documents have no dollar value.
  4. Click the OK button.
    The Claim Submitted Successfully screen appears. Because this is a $0.00 claim, no request for invoice is created. No action is required by the Client.
  5. Click the Back to Worklist button.
    The display returns to the location from which you accessed the Deliverable Order. In the examples used here, the display returns to the Matter screen with the list of Orders visible.
    N7 - The Deliverable Order is now at Status “ORDER COMPLETE”.
  6. Repeat the procedure above for each Deliverable Order associated with the Matter.


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