Close Engagement Order and Submit Final Claim

Who: Provider Operations and Accounts
Why: After work is completed on an Engagement, the Provider needs to close the Engagement Order and submit a Final Claim. Once this is done and all associated Invoices are paid and closed, the Client can close the Matter.
Before you begin: All associated Deliverable Documents must be approved by the Client.
All associated Deliverable Orders must be closed.
All associated Invoices and Credit Notes must be submitted to the Client for approval (moved beyond status NOT YET SUBMITTED).


  • All Deliverable Orders associated with the Engagement must be closed before you mark the Engagement Order as complete. Otherwise the following error is displayed:
  • All associated Deliverable Documents must be approved by the Client before you can submit the final Claim on the Engagement Order. Otherwise the following error is displayed:
  • All Invoices for progress payments (including Credit notes, if any) must been submitted to the Client for approval (moved beyond status NOT YET SUBMITTED) before attempting to submit the final Claim (and final Invoice) on the Engagement Order. Otherwise the following error is displayed:


  1. Find and open the Matter for which the Engagement Order is assoicated.
    Various methods can be used to find the Matter including My Work and Find Matter.
    N1 - In the example shown above, Find Matter is used searching for the last 4 digits of the LPG No. which identifies the Matter.
    The Matter screen appears with the Engagement tab selected.
    N2 - Check that all Deliverable Orders (listed in the ORDER(S) section of the screen) are at status ORDER COMPLETE. If any Deliverable is not complete follow the instructions in user guide Close a Deliverable Order and Submit Final Claim.
    N3 - Check that all Invoices (listed in the INVOICE(S) section of the screen) have been submitted to the Client for approval (not at status NOT YET SUBMITTED). See user guide Part Payment Claim and Invoice During Engagement for details.
    • NOTE: Although the three Invoices shown in the example below are at various statuses, they have all been submitted to the Client. Therefore the Engagement can be closed.
  2. Click the Action button on the Engagement Order.
    The Order In Progress screen appears with the Items tab selected.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Order In Progress screen and click the Order Complete button.
    A confirmation window appears.
  4. Click the OK button.
    The Submit Claim screen appears. The Items list shows the cumulative quantities from Invoices associated with the Engagement that have already submitted to the Client.
  5. If there is an outstanding Invoice that needs to be claimed and paid, fill in the details of the Claim as described in user guide Part Payment Claim and Invoice During Engagement.
    • NOTE: If all Invoices associated with this Engagement have already been submitted, a $0.00 claim still needs to be submitted with no Invoice attached. In that case, skip step 5 and continue with the procedure below.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Submit Payment Claim screen and enter today’s date in the Docket Start Date (format dd/mm/yyyy) or click the Calendar tool LPG-P-2-03-5_Close_Engage-final_claim-icon.png to select the date.
    By default today’s date is entered in the Docket End Date.
  7. Click the Submit Claim button.
    A notification message appears. If you skipped step 5 (because there are no more invoices to submit), the message warns that you are submitting a $0.00 claim.
  8. Click the OK button.
    The Claim Submitted Successfully screen appears.
  9. Click the Back to Worklist button.
    The display returns to the Matter screen.
  10. If the final Claim included some Items (was not a $0.00 Claim), the Invoice needs to be uploaded and submitted to the Client for approval.
    See topic Part Payment Claim and Invoice During Engagement for steps.
    N1 – After the final costed Invoice is submitted (or the $0.00 Claim has been submitted), the Status of the Engagement changes to INVOICE SUBMITTED.
    N2 – Only the Client can perform actions on the Engagement and its associated Orders and Invoices once the Engagement reaches INVOICE SUBMITTED status. Therefore the Action buttons no longer appear on the Engagement Order.
    • NOTE: Before the Client processes a submitted Invoice it is possible for the Provider to recall.

    Once all Invoices have been paid and closed, the status of the Engagement Order changes to ORDER COMPLETE. The Client can then close the Matter.
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