Re-allocate a matter



Users must have the Contract Administrator role assigned to your profile to complete the re-allocation process

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The reallocation process allows for a matter to move from one employee to another.
This should be completed if the current user assigned to the matter is due to be deactivated from the application (*), is moving to another department or cannot accomplish the completion of the matter.

*Important note: This task should be completed prior to the user being deactivated. If you deactivate the user first, the user will not show on the transfer list. To remedy this, you would need to activate the user -> complete the transfer -> deactivate the user once again.



The user 'Robert Yarris' is due to be deactivated from the application. Before this action occurs, reallocation of his work in the LPG is to be transferred to another valid user for management.

This would mean that any matters that Robert is the current owner of, will be transferred to another selected user for action and completion.




Reallocate and Transfer

1. From the Matter menu, select the 'Re-allocate Matter' option.


2. From the Re-allocate Matters screen:




  • N1 - Select the Matter Workgroup
  • N2 - Select the user from the Transfer From list (the results will be retrieved automatically after selecting a valid user)

NOTE: If you wish to search for matters that have not been assigned to any person, leave this option in default as 'Please select...'

  • N3 - Select the Click Here button to retrieve all results



  • N4 - You can select all matters by enabling the top tick box or individually select as desired
  • N5 - Select who you wish to transfer the matter(s) to
  • N6 - Click the Transfer button


3. Click the OK button to continue with the transfer.


4. A confirmation message will show the list of matters transferred successfully.


If you search for the matter(s) that was recently transferred, you should see the new matter owner showing.

If you have transferred the matter to yourself, you will no longer have a Takeover button (or no button - depending on your access). You will have the ability to either Action or Release this matter and manage it accordingly.






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