Keep up-to-date with notifications and news in the LPG

Keeping up to date with information in LPG is becoming increasingly important. That’s why it’s crucial to have correct contact details in the system. If you have recently switched phone/mobile numbers or changed your email address, it’s suggested that you update these. This will ensure that you are contactable and don’t miss out on receiving news and notifications.


Before you begin:

You must be an active user in the LPG to access your contact details. 


Two easy ways to access your contact details

After logging into the LPG:


  • N1 - At the 'Welcome Page', select the 'Contact Details' link located under the Contact details heading


  • N2 - From the 'Users' menu, select the 'My Contact Details' option


Update and save any changes

At the 'My Contact Details' page:



  • N3 - Update your Given Name, Surname and Job Title (if required)
  • N4 - The phone number field can be either a direct work line or mobile number.
  • N5 - Double check your email address is correct and update (if required)
  • N6 - Click the 'Submit' button to save your changes



  • Learn how to receive LPG generated notifications by setting your own messaging preferences.



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