Prevent KPI and budget breaches - December edition

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We recently implemented a range of improvements to the claim workflow. This article will provide you with information on how to prevent KPI breaches by exceeding your total approved budget and some tips to improve claiming.


Before you begin:

This article focuses on budget changes in relation to claiming and invoicing. To complete the mentioned actions, you must have both operations and accounts roles allocated to your user profile.


1. Submit (Payment) Claim screen



2. Budget warnings when approved limit is exceeded



  • N3 - Should the claimed qty (against new or existing items) exceed the total approved budget, you will be notified of the following message:
“If you Submit your Claim, the Claimed Total will take this order over the Approved Budget Limit. Please adjust your claim or submit a Budget Variation request to avoid KPI breaches”


As per the displayed message, 2 suggestions are available:



  • N3a - Cancel the Payment claim and request a budget variation to increase the current total approved limit


  • N3b - Adjust the claimed qty of your item(s) accordingly


3. Improved and detailed confirmation message


Should you wish to proceed with your claim, despite the warning message presented (N3), a detailed confirmation pop-up is shown:




  • N4a - You have the opportunity to 'Cancel' where you have the choice to complete steps N3a or N3b
  • N4b - Click 'OK' to proceed and submit the claim

4. Invoice button available after claim submission


  • N5 - At the 'Payment Claim Submitted Successfully' screen, you will be able to direct to the invoices area immediately after claim submission

Note: Only users with the accounts role will have the "Go To Invoices section" button





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