Using our feedback & issue tracker


Reporting feedback & issues during the UAT period 


If you are a UAT participant, you can report issues or provide feedback right from the site being worked on.



After logging into the LPG UAT site, the Send Feedback button will be located on the bottom right of your screen (if you are using Chrome, this will appear as an arrow toggle bar) 


A pop-up will appear and you will be given 2 options to select from:




There is a specific part of the system that is not working as expected, there is a suggestion for improvement and so on...



The whole page or site is affected and needs to be reported


If you select the 1st option, you will be asked to hover over and click-select the specific area where you would like to elaborate further (as shown below)


Selecting the 2nd option will bring you straight to the comments box.

 In the comments box, detail the issue and/or product suggestion


Include your email address and then select the send feedback button


Your feedback has been sent! 

Click the close button to continue your test case scenarios


Please note: Sending feedback will not generate a response unless the development team feel the need to gather more information from you directly for investigation purposes.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team


t: 1300 YARRIS (927 747)



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