17 November 2017

This release is scheduled for Friday 17 November 18:00 - 22:00 AEDT

Claim workflow improvements and added budget feature 

Cancelling saved payment claims doesn’t roll back claim details:

  • When a claim is saved and later cancelled, the claimed quantities for the items involved in the claim are cleared and any new items added as part of the claim are removed.

Invoice number recall:

  • When an unapproved Invoice is recalled by the provider, the invoice number is no longer being cleared. This allows the provider to resubmit the same invoice without having to search for what the number had been inputted previously. The user can change the Invoice number should it be incorrect.

Improve confirmation message:

  • The Confirmation screen displayed to the Provider after a progress or final claim had been submitted now displays a new button to enable the user to immediately submit an invoice if the claim satisfies the criteria for automatic claim approval.


Note: This button will only be available to users with the Accounts role.

 Providers to receive a warning when the claim to be submitted will exceed the approved budget:

  • When submitting a claim for partial payment, an alert is displayed to the user if the claim brings the order value to within 80% of the agreed budget.   The user has the option to cancel the submission.
  • When submitting a claim for partial or final payment, a warning is displayed to the user if the claim results in the order value exceeding the agreed budget. The user has the option to cancel the submission and submit a budget variation request to avoid KPI breaches.


Display ‘ex GST’ under Budget tables on Order and Invoice screens:

  • The budget table displayed in the Order Banner section on view and action matter, order and invoice screens have been modified to display the following message under the table: "Note: All amounts are exclusive of GST"


Display Claimed value in red if it will cause the budget to exceed:

  • On the Submit Claim and Submit Payment Claim screens, when the screen refreshes to display the 'Claimed Value', if this value exceeds the Approved Budget, it is displayed in red and a message advises the user to either review their claim or submit a budget variation request to avoid KPI breaches.



An error is shown when there is a saved or unsubmitted claim:


  • Users trying to submit a Variation Request when they had a saved payment claim or a payment claim that has not yet been approved will no longer experience an error relating to variations on the unapproved claim. 
General improvements 
  • If LPG is opened and actioned in multiple windows, a system error used to occur while itemising an order. A meaningful validation error message is now displayed advising the user to reload the page and attempt their action again. 
  • Improved email sending in cases where the message is addressed to members of a group rather than an individual. In the case of Approval Manager alerts, recipients were listed in CC field rather than 'To'.
  • The Timeline view of multiple orders and projects is now correctly representing durations that span daylight savings changes.
  • Addressed error in Milestones area for matters that did not have a current owner
  • Adding users to the hierarchy (customer side) is now performing as expected on Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers.
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