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Key legal staff within the provider firm are given key personnel profiles to identify the areas of law in which they specialise. Orders issued to the provider firm must be associated with a key person to ensure that the required level of expertise is involved in the matter.



Before you begin:

This article focuses on updating an existing user profile. Therefore, you must have the system administrator role allocated to your profile to complete the relevant actions. If you need to set up a new user, see our help guide on creating new users.

There are 3 steps to set up a key person in the LPG:

  1. Edit the user details and enable the 'Key Personnel' option
  2. Upload their CV and photo
  3. Specify the key person's specialities (link areas of law)

Let's get started!

01 Edit the user details

1. On the LPG menu select Users > Find Users.
2. Enter the search criteria to find the user you wish to add as a Key Person. Click the Edit link next to their profile. 



3. At the bottom of the users details, enable the Key Personnel tickbox
The Gender and Start Date fields appear.
4. Select the Gender and enter the Start Date (or use the calendar tool to select the date).
5. Click Submit

02 Upload CV and photo

1. Repeat steps 1-4 to locate and edit the user profile
2. Select the Documents tab


3. You can choose to upload a CV and/or a photo to the profile. Simply choose the default type as either CV or photo, choose the file then select Add Document(s)

03 Specify the key person's specialities (area of law)

1. On the LPG menu, select Users then select the Key Personnel Link option


The Key Personnel Link screen appears. It lists all Users from your firm who are set up as Key Persons.
2. Click Modify Links next to the Key Person’s name.

3. To add Areas of Law to the user’s speciality list:

3a. Click to select the Area of Law

3b. Click the Move to Right -> button to transfer this option to the Linked Areas of Law box (to remove, simply do the opposite by selecting the option in the Linked Areas of Law box and <- Move to Left )


3c. If all available areas of law apply to this user, select Move All to Right ->> button. To undo and start again, select the <<- Move All to Left button

4. Click the Save button to send this request to the Client Panel Administrator to approve.




  • Once the Key Person is approved by the Client Panel Administrator, they will appear on the Key Personnel lookup list for association to Orders but only for orders in area of laws for which they have been approved 
  • No LPG notification is generated to indicate whether the Key Personnel submission is approved or rejected.


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