Edit User Details


Who (roles required)? System Administrator, HR
Why: A LPG users information needs to be updated or changed


Before you begin

  • Only users with the HR Admin or Sys Admin roles can edit the User (or Person) details.



1. On the LPG menu select Users > Find Users.

The User List screen appears.


2. Enter search criteria required to find the person (e.g. Username).

3. Click the Submit

The list of Users matching the search criteria is displayed below the Submit button.


4. Click the Edit link next to the User whose details need to be edited.


The Edit User screen appears.


  • N1 -  The View History tab shows actions applied to this user (e.g. modified details, password resets).
  • N2 -  The list of roles assigned to this user. The multiple person icon indicates that the user is a supervisor in this role. It means they can reassign tasks from one member of the group to another. The singular person icon indicates that the user is a member (not a supervisor) in this role. 



5. Edit the User information as required.

6. Click the Submit button to save changes.  



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