How To: Access Photo and Video Archive


ConSol Mobile is intended to follow you into the remote, poorly connected parts of Australia. Every image and video that is captured via ConSol Mobile is saved to an archive in the app and on your device's Photos app to ensure that you have continued access to it, regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection. This archive is particularly useful for multiple users sharing a single mobile device.


Accessing the archive in ConSol Mobile

To view the photos you have previously taken on the ConSol Mobile app:

1. Go to the Overview menu and select Settings



2. In the Photos and Videos section, select History


Here you can access the photos that you have previously taken within the ConSol Mobile app.


Accessing the archive in Photos

To view the photos saved on to your mobile device:

1. Exit from ConSol Mobile



2. Select the Photos app



Here, you can access the photos that you have taken on the ConSol Mobile app in a separate album.



Please note, ConSol Mobile will ask the user to allow access to store the photos and video in the archive.



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