How To: Add Photos to a Job

Taking photos in the field is a key component of completing jobs for your customers. ConSol Mobile allows you to take photos in app and automates the watermark process to make it simple to relate every photo with the correct job and ensure that it contains the necessary information to support your claim.




To add a watermarked photo to your job, follow the below steps:


1. Go to the Active Jobs list. 

2. Select the job you would like to work on 

3. Wherever you see the camera icon, you can capture a photo.

4. The watermark is overlaid at the top and bottom of the screen with the information relevant to that job and your current location and time:

ConSol Mobile updates photos in real time with the required job information, including:

  • date and time,
  • address,
  • latitude and longitude coordinates, and
  • job references.

5. Select Use Photo in the bottom right corner if the image is satisfactory.

6. You can then rename the photo, or keep the default name ConSol Mobile provides, and select DONE.


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