Approve - Pay & Close invoices - October edition (Client)


Client Matter Manager and Accounts


The Provider submitted an Invoice that requires review and action. Finalisation of invoices is part of the matter closure process.


Finalising outstanding invoices is part of the matter closure process and will assist in efficiently managing your matter. These steps will guide you on keeping the legal firms happy and reducing your open matter list.


Before you begin

  • Having low or no delegation limit associated with your Accounts role can affect the approval process of the invoice


1. Open the Worklist menu and select the My Work option


The My Work screen appears
2. The Search Fields will display where the following should be selected:

N1 - Select Invoice from the View Entity drop-down list
N2 - Select Available to My Workgroup (since the invoice may not be specifically assigned to you).
N3 - Select “SUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL” from the Status box
N4 - Click the Submit button to retrieve results


3. Select the Acquire (or Action/Takeover) button to review the invoice



4. At the 'Review Invoice' page, enter a mandatory comment and select Approve - Pay & Close


5. Select the Pay Selected Invoices button to finalise the invoice and then select OK in the pop-up to continue.


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