'View and Pay Approved Invoices' - singular & bulk


Matter Manager + Accounts


The Provider submitted an Invoice that has been approved but not finalised. Finalisation of invoices is part of the matter closure process.

The following procedure describes how to 'View and Pay Approved Invoices' singularly or in bulk.


1. Select Invoices menu > View and Pay Approved Invoices


The View and Pay Approved Invoices screen appears.

2. Use the Search fields to find a specific invoice or you can simply click the "Search" to view all the invoices approved for payment-to-date


3. Enter the Payment Ref and make sure the tick box is selected


4. Click the Pay Selected Invoices button

A confirmation pop-up will show advising the number of selected invoices you wish to Pay and Close.


5. Click OK to continue


The invoice record(s) will disappear from the list and 0 records will display.

The invoice is now at a finalised status of PAID AND CLOSED


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