Create a user with the 'Copy' function - September edition

Copy User



Sys Admin / HR Admin


Users cannot access LPG until their profile has been completed (roles and workgroups allocated and placed in the hierarchy) with their password initially reset.


New Personnel required to use LPG


Before you begin:

To create new users, you must have the System Administrator or HR administrator role allocated to your profile


NOTE: By using this function, you are copying the below details from the selected user:
  • Roles and Workgroups
  • User Hierarchy and
  • Key Personnel




1. Select the Users menu and click the Find Users option


2. Enter the existing user profile details you wish to replicate into the fields provided and click Submit.



NOTE: Make sure to check if the existing user has allocated roles. If they do not, the new user will not be able to gain access. 


3. Select the Copy link next to the user profile you wish to replicate


4. Fill out the mandatory information with the fields marked with an asterisk *




  • Username can no longer than 8 characters
  • You can enable the user as a Key Personnel by selecting the tick box (as shown above). Remember to add the "Start Date with Firm/Admitted to bar". For instructions on how to manage key persons in the LPG, select this Help Guide and refer to steps 2 & 3 to complete the setup process.


5. Click the Save button to create the new profile

To locate the new user profile and to reset their password, click this Help Guide for more information. Alternatively, the user can request their own password by directing to the LPG Log In page and clicking the link shown below:



For users to successfully login for the first time:

  • Profile must be created with roles and workgroups allocated
  • The user profile is placed in the hierarchy
  • Password is initially reset (please note that the default reset password details cannot be disclosed in this article for security reasons)


If you would like to know how to create users via the manual process, click the Help Guide for more information.






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