Datamart v5.3 <LIVE>

ConSol Datamart v5.3 is expected to be released to the production environment on 6 October 2017. The changes are currently going through UAT which will end on 29 September 2017.

Changes introduced since v4.3 (last release, 28 February 2017)

New extract files

  • Introduction of Claim History extract to track order claim records
  • Introduction of Batch Job extract to enable Datamart managers to determine the batch period, when the last successful batch was produced and expected record count for each extract

Extract file changes

  • Extended length of Attribute Name in Attribute Master extract
  • Extend length of Special Instructions in Order Details extract
  • Extend Contract Details extract to identify method of invoicing and contract category
  • Introduce ‘Sequence’ column to Order Invoice History extract to determine specific sequence rather than just showing date and time occurring
  • Change position of Data_Refresh_Date column in Item History extract and Order Invoice History extract
  • Extended the length of Attribute Value field in Attribute Details extract to accommodate order_item attributes.
  • Renamed the Document History extract to Document Details extract.
  • Multiple changes to Document Details extract

Processor changes

  • Apply filter to Datamart processor to remove non-standard characters which tend to cause errors when imported into client datawarehouses

A detailed specification of the Datamart v5.3 is attached. Please ensure all queries or feedback is sent to



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