Create a My Work view for Stopped Orders

My Work is an advanced search tool that allows the User to filter the list of tasks that require action. The resultant list can be customised and saved for future use (View) or the data can be exported to CSV/Excel.

If there is a View that several Users can use, the View can be shared so each User doesn’t have to recreate the search criteria and Table customisations.

1. Select the Worklist menu and click My Work


2. The Overview and Search Fields will appear.

  • N1 - Select the View Entity as 'Order' and the View Level as 'Available to My Resource'
  • N2 - Scroll towards the bottom of the list and select the Status as ORDER STOPPED
  • N3 - Click the Save View button


3. In the pop-up, place in a View Name & Description as appropriate.

Three categories of views are available:

  • Global views are created by your System Admin and are shared with the whole organisation
  • Workgroup views are created by your Workgroup Supervisor and are shared with the workgroup 
  • Individual views are created by each user and are available only to that user (highly recommended)

4. Click the Create button

The VIEWS panel will show the saved view under the heading in which you created it. Simply click the saved view to receive immediate search results.


Saved VIEWS will show under the panel (until it is deactivated or deleted) and allows quick, easy access to the results based on the search criteria. 

You can complete the same steps to create another view of your choice by simply changing the View Entity and Status

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