Final Claim and Part Payment Claim differences (Provider)

This month's topic focuses on identifying the key differences of submitting a final claim vs submitting a part payment claim on the Engagement order.

So what is the difference?

part payment (N1) means the Provider can make interim claims for payment and continue work on the Engagement order.


final claim (N2) means that no further deliverables can be created and the order is marked as complete.


Before you get started

The Engagement order must be at a status of "WORK IN PROGRESS" to submit any type of claim. 


1. After you action the 'Work In Progress' Engagement Order, the Order In Progress screen will appear.
Locate the "Submit Payment Claim" button at the bottom of the page where you will direct to a screen called Submit Payment Claim.


2. After your items and claimed quantities have been updated, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Submit Payment Claim" button. A pop- up will show advising that you are requesting a part-payment:


For step-by-step instructions on how to submit a part payment, refer to our help guide Part-Payment Claim on an Engagement 


Final Claim

NOTE: By submitting the Final Claim, you will be marking the Engagement order as "ORDER COMPLETE". For this to happen, all Deliverable Documents must be reviewed by the client and all Deliverables and invoices are finalised.

1. After you action the 'Work In Progress' Engagement Order, the Order In Progress screen will appear. Locate the 'Work Complete' button at the bottom of the page


2. Once you click on the 'Work Complete' button, a pop-up will appear to advise you that if you Click 'OK', you will continue forward to order completion


3. After selecting the OK button to proceed, you will be given the option to "Continue to Submit Final Claim"


4. When you click the "Continue to Submit Final Claim" button, the page heading and the first button at the bottom of the page changes to Submit Claim


For step-by-step instructions on how to submit a final claim, refer to our help guide Close Engagement order and Submit Final Claim



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