7 July 2017 - Document Validations, Milestone Notifications, Printing Invoices

The purpose of this document is to set out the changes to functionality and interface design of the Legal Panel Gateway delivered by the release specified above. If you have any questions regarding the information provided below, please contact Yarris Customer Support at help@yarris.com


Document Upload Validations:

  • There is an added validation to prevent filenames with Unicode characters (upside down question mark etc) from being uploaded. The file will need to be renamed before trying the upload again. Bulk upload documents containing some Unicode will not be uploaded, only ones that have valid characters will show as 100% against the progress bar to indicate a successful upload.




  • The 'Modified Date' of documents will update only when the file content has been changed. Metadata or Authorisation changes don’t affect modified date


Milestone Notifications:

  • Milestone notifications are now only sent to users who can view and edit the milestone 


Printing Invoices:

  • A security patch rolled out in May 2017 by Microsoft affected users the ability to print invoices from LPG in Internet Explorer version 11. This release has resolved this issue.






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