Find Matter by Orders search tool

Using the Find Matter by Orders search tool helps users identify Matters with orders at specific stages of the order lifecycle.

For example, you can search for Matters that have all orders Completed. This would enable you to identify which Matters need closing off as all the orders are now finished.

Other examples are orders that are:

  • Yet to be Accepted
  • Overdue Acceptance
  • Request for Extension of Time
  • Request for Variations
  • Requires Manager Approval

The screenshot below shows all the different order statuses that users can search by:




To use this search tool, go to the Matter menu at the top of your screen.

1. Select Find Matter by Orders

2. Enter in your search fields

3. Click Search



The list of results will show the Matter details (such as name, start date etc) the number of Actionable orders and the Matter Status.

Please note Actionable orders means orders that require Action by you or your Workgroup - i.e. approving budget variations, approving payment claims, acknowledging work completed etc. 0 Actionable orders does not equal closed orders.



To perform a new search, click on the Expand Criteria button to reopen the search fields




Click the Reset Search button located at the bottom of the page to clear all the fields.

Enter in your new search fields.



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