5 May 2017

The purpose of this document is to set out the changes to functionality and interface design of the Legal Panel Gateway delivered by the release specified above. If you have any questions regarding the information provided below, please contact Yarris Customer Support at help@yarris.com

Document authorisations

  • New Doc Visibility dropdown tool available in the Authorisations tab of the document details. This allows users with manage rights to quickly change access to Customer Only or Both Customer and Supplier


Project Views and Orders

  • Order status is now updated correctly when an Approval Manager rejects a claim. A history note is also added at this time.
  • After a STOP request had been issued on an order, the order would continue to display the 'Stopped Order' text at the top of the View Order screen even after being reopened. This text will now be removed should the order be reopened.
  • Suppliers are only able to view orders that have been transmitted to them. Orders that have been allocated to them but not yet transmitted will no longer be accessible.


  • Stricter checks are now in place to ensure that all items have unit of measure codes of no greater than ten characters. This is relevant for Client Contract Managers only. 


  • Users can now search by attribute fields that are empty. This enables managers to conduct exception-style reviews by creating a MyWork view that targets orders, invoices and projects where users have not input required data into particular list attribute fields.



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