Closing a Matter checklist

Please refer to this checklist when closing a matter.

  1. All Orders are Order Complete
    The Deliverable or Engagement Status should show as Order Complete (or Cancelled for acknowledged stopped orders). If the Status is showing as Work In Progress, the Legal Provider has not marked this Order as Completed and work may still be in progress. If work has been completed, the legal provider needs to mark the order as Work Complete and submit a final claim.
    If the Status of the Engagement order is Invoice Submitted, there is an invoice requiring approval and payment before the Engagement can be marked as Order Complete.


  2. All Documents have been reviewed
    Help guide for Client users:
    Approve Documents

    Check the Document Review status bar at the top of the page, located in the Matter Details.
    If there are any documents with Pending or Overdue reviews, the client needs to go to the Documents tab and review those documents now.


  3. All Invoices are Paid and Closed
    Help guides for Client users:
    Approve / Reject an Invoice
    View and Pay approved Invoices

    Is the Invoice status showing as Paid and Closed? If not, the client and/or Legal Provider needs to action these now.

    For any unsubmitted invoices, the Legal Provider needs to submit these for approval and payment. 
    For submitted invoices that are awaiting approval and payment, the Client needs to approve and pay these. 


  4. Provider survey has been completed
    Client users must complete at least on Provider Survey for each Matter.

    Please go to the Surveys tab to view if a survey has yet to be completed. Completed or in progress surveys will show in the Survey List, look at the status of the survey to see if it is in progress or complete.

    To start a new survey, please click on the link under 'Start a New Survey for' and select the relevant engagement. 


  5. Matter Details updated to Closed Matter
    Help guides for Client users: Closing a Matter
    Once the above steps have been completed, client users can now update the matter details to close off the matter. Go to the Update Matter Details button at the bottom of the screen and update the Matter Status to Closed Matter (or Cancelled for cancelled matters). Click Update at the bottom of the page to save changes. 



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