Documents requiring review

Who: Matter Managers, Document Reviewer
Why: Some Documents uploaded to LPG require review. Users will need to find the documents requiring review and complete the review process

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Check which documents require review:

1. Go to Worklist > My Work

2. Select Activity from the View Entity dropdown list


3. Select either Assigned to Me or Available to My Workgroup

4. Select Document Review from the Activity Type dropdown list

5. Click Submit to bring up the search results

Note: users can save the Search to My Views (found on the left side of the page).


To review documents:

1. Go to the Matter 

2. Click on the Documents tab
3. The Document(s) requiring review will show PENDING in the Review Status Column
4. Click on the black arrow to expand the document details
5. Go to the Review tab and either Approve or Reject the document once you have reviewed the document's content
Note: only users with the Document Reviewer role can complete the document review
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    Greg Beresnev

    What happens to the documents / review process when the intended review is a bit slow to review the document and only attempts to do so after 'Due Date' has passed?

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