Reopening a Matter / Engagement order

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Customer Matter Manager, Contract Administrator (Must be the current matter owner or have Workgroup Supervisor access) 

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You need to reopen a Matter or an Engagement Order that has been marked as Closed or Complete.

Before you begin

  • Matters or Orders that are in a Cancelled status cannot be reopened. If required, a new matter or order will need to be created as a replacement for the cancelled one.
  • For Deliverable orders, it is recommended to leave them in a closed or complete status. If another (duplicate) type of Deliverable order is required, simply create a new one. Click here for more information.


Once the provider has submitted their final claim (and all invoices and order are closed/complete), the status of the Engagement order will show as "ORDER COMPLETE".

This allows the client to update the matter details and change the matter status from "ACTIVE" to "Closed Matter"

If further billing is required on this matter or if another Engagement is to be created under the same matter, the client has the ability to reopen the matter, create a new engagement or reopen an existing engagement order.


IMPORTANT: The matter needs to be reopened first before you can reopen the orders within it.

Once the matter is at a status of "Active", you will be able to reopen the complete orders back to 'Work In Progress''




·      If the Service End Date or Matter End Date has passed, a dialog box appears notifying you of this when reopening the Order/Matter. Please update the End Date once during this reopen process.  


Reopening a Matter

1. Find the Matter


2. Click on the LPG No


·      NOTE: There are no Action buttons available for Closed Matters


3. Scroll to the bottom of the Matter page.
Click on the Reopen Matter button.


4. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to reopen, click OK.


You may also receive another pop-up directly after advising that the "Matter End Date has passed". Click OK to proceed to reopen the matter


The Matter details window opens.
The Matter Status has changed to Active

If the matter period has expired, you should consider updating it to reflect its current state and expected service period of it being active. You can update the end date by updating the matter details (please note: you need to be the current owner to update the matter details)

Click this article for more information on how to Update Matter Details

Reopening an Engagement Order (or Deliverable Order*)

* NOTE: Generally, it is recommended to create a new Deliverable Order, rather than reopening a completed Deliverable order. Only reopen a Deliverable Order if it was closed prior to work beginning.


1. Find the Matter by LPG No. or Order ID

2. Under the Engagement details, select the Order Id link


3. In the Details tab of the engagement, look for the current Service Period dates. If the engagement order has expired or passed its end date, you should consider updating it. [Skip to step 6 if you do not wish to extend the end date and just need to reopen the engagement order]


3. At the bottom of the screen, click the Modify Details button


4. In the pop-up, scroll to the Service Period End Date. Enter a new end date (you can make it for before or the same as the matter end date)

5. Click the Submit button to save your changes.

6. Click on the Reopen Engagement button.
A pop up will appear asking if you want to reopen, click OK.
The order will revert back to "Work in Progress"


Need more information on how to complete this process? Click here to direct to the related help video


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