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Milestones and Milestone Groups can be associated to Order and Matter Work Types to enable automatic instantiation of the milestones.


Before you begin

This is Step 3 in the Milestone creation process. Milestone Types (Step 1) and Milestone Groups (Step 2) need to be created before they can be associated to Work Types (tagging).


This procedure describes how to do the following:

  • Associate Milestones/Milestone Groups with a Work Type (Add a new Milestone Tag);
  • Edit/Remove association between Milestones/Groups and a Work Type (edit/drop tags);
  • Search for existing Milestone Tags associated with a particular Work Type.


1. On the LPG menu, select Reference > Milestones.

The Milestone Management screen appears with the Milestone Types tab selected.

2. Click the Milestone Order Tags (or Milestone Project Tags)

The Milestone Order Tags tab appears with the list of existing Milestone Order Tags (if any) displayed. In the example shown, one Milestone (“loner milestone”) and two Milestone Groups (“milestone group 1” and “milestone group 2”) have been “tagged” so they are associated with the Work Type called “Test”. 

Add a Milestone Order Tag:

3. Click Add New Milestone Tag.

A blank row is displayed at the top of the list.

4. Select a Work Type from the Value drop down list.

NOTE: At present the only item selectable from the Type drop down is “Worktype”.

5. Tick the checkbox next to each Milestone that needs to be associated with this Work Type. (Click the Select None button to clear all checkboxes.)

  • NOTE: Only anchored Milestones that are currently associated with Groups are listed.


6. Tick the checkbox next to each Milestone Group that needs to be associated with this Work Type. (Click the Select None button to clear all checkboxes.)

7. Click the Save button (or Cancel to finish editing without saving the changes).

The new row is added to the list of tags.

Use the Edit button to edit an existing row of Milestones/Groups associated with a Work Type. Click the Drop button to remove a row (drop the association between the selected Milestones/Groups and that Work Type).


Search for a Milestone Tag:

1. Click Search Milestone

The Search fields drop down.

2. Type part of the Work Type name in the Value field.

3. Click the Search button.

The list displays the row that shows the Milestones and Groups associated with the specified Work Type. If there are no matches the list is blank.

  • To reset the list (show all tags), clear the Value field and click Search again.



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