icare Milestones

Milestones are target dates for specific events within the life cycle of an Order or Matter. 

A ‘Complete Provider Survey’ Milestone will now automatically be added to all Engagement orders, Initial Advice orders, and Updated Advice orders, during the creation process. 

This Milestone has an end date set for 5 days prior to the Order end date.

These Milestones will act as reminders to all Scheme Agents to complete the Provider Survey. An email notification will be sent 2 working days before the Milestone due date.

Milestones are visible in the Matter and Engagement timelines, as shown below.

1 – Timeline tab to view the Milestones

2 – Gantt View to view the Gantt Chart view of your Matter/Order

3 – The Milestone appears as a diamond icon, hover your mouse over this icon to see more details

4 – Click on the + sign to expand the Order details and view the Milestone details

5 – Expanded view of Milestone

Milestone statuses:

To mark a Milestone as complete: 

Marking the Milestone as Complete will stop any further email notifications for that Milestone, and acknowledge that you have completed the task by the target date.

  1. Go to the Engagement Order
  2. Click on the Timeline Tab
  3. Click on the Milestones button
  4. Select Complete from the Action dropdown list
  5. Enter the completed date in the Actual Date field
  6. Click on Save

For more information on Milestones, please see the other help guides available: https://help.yarris.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000024826-Milestones

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