Process Request for Extension of Time


Matter Manager + Contract Administrator


The Provider has submitted a request for extension of time on an Order. If LPG is configured for notifications, you may receive an LPG message or email notification. SLAs may be applied against the Client for the timely processing of budget variation and extension of time requests.



1. On the LPG menu, select Worklist > My Work.

The My Work screen appears.

2. Select the search criteria as required and click the Submit button. 

Select “Order” (N1), “Available to My Workgroup” (N2), “REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME” (N3). Optionally enter a date range to further limit the result list (N4).

The list of Orders matching the search criteria (Status = “REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF TIME”) is displayed.

3. Click the Action button next to the request you want to review.

  • NOTE: Alternatively you can select Worklist > All from the LPG menu, then select Request for Extension of Time from the Orders section of the Worklist to list the Orders where a time extension has been requested.


  • NOTE:  If the Provider requests an extension of time on the Engagement Order that is beyond the end date of the Matter, the Matter Manager will need to extend the Matter end date before the Extension of time on the Engagement can be approved


The Approve Extension of Time Request screen appears with the Details tab selected.

Perform one of the following actions on the request:

4. To approve the request for extension of time, click the Approve Extension Request button. 

5. To Reject the request do the following:

a. Enter a reason for the rejection.

b. Click the Reject Extension Request button. 

6. To stop work on the Order, click the Stop Order This will issue a notice of intent to cancel to the Provider.

7. Click the Escalate to Manager button if you want a manager to make a decision on the request.

 See topic Escalate to Manager.

After either accepting or rejecting the Order, the status of the Order changes to CUSTOMER RESPONSE TO EXTENSION OF TIME REQUEST. Control of the Order returns to the Provider for them to acknowledge the response or, if it was rejected, modify the request and resubmit it.

N1 – If the extension of time is accepted by the Client, the new end date appears in bold red text when the Order is viewed.

Tips & Troubleshooting

N1 - If notification messages are turned on, you may see pop-up messages when new variation requests arrive.

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