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View the components that make up the star rating on a Contract with a particular Provider.  Changing a Provider’s star rating can affect their place on the preferred or recommended Suppliers list when allocating Orders.

Before you begin

  • The Base KPI Template and Ratings template must be created and applied to the Contract.


1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Find Contracts.
The List Contracts screen appears.

2. Enter the search criteria as required. (To display all Contracts, don’t enter any criteria.)

3. Click the Search button.

The list of Contracts matching the search criteria are displayed below the Search button.

  • NOTE: Contracts that have no Edit link (A) are managed by another workgroup that the user is not a member of and thus the Contract cannot be edited by the current user.

Edit Contract Link

4. The Edit link opens the Update Contract If you move to the Ratings tab on this screen, you can view the Ratings settings for the contract you are on.

a. The Rating Template identifies what Rating criteria are being applied to the contract.

b. The Contract Manager can determine whether the Provider who has been engaged on the Contract is able to see the Ratings tab.

c. The Current Star Rating is automatically calculated based on the criteria listed in the lower part of the screen. The Contract Manager is able to apply an Override Star Rating which will replace on the calculated Star Rating which is normally displayed on the Contract.

View Rating Results

To view KPI Results on a Contract, do the following:

5. On the List Contracts screen, click the Contract #.

The View Contract – Contract Details screen appears.

6. Click the Ratings tab.

7. The Ratings information for the Contract is displayed including:
A – The Ratings and KPI templates on which the star ratings are based.
B – Star Rating Results lists the components that make up the star ratings.
C – Cost Rating Results lists the components that make up the cost ratings.

8. Click the Expand icon to view the individual criteria within a Criteria category.

The category expands to display the individual criteria.

Tips & Troubleshooting

To return to the List Contracts screen from the Update Contract or View Contract screens, click Return to Contract List.





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