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Technical Contract Manager



Find and edit details of an Item. Activate/deactivate an Item

Before you begin

  • Only Users with the Technical Contract Manager role can view the Item details.


1. On the LPG menu select Components > Items.
The List Items screen appears.

2. Enter the search criteria. To search for items associated with a Panel Type/Area of Law do the following:

a. Click the Find icon next to Panel Type.
The Panel Type Search window opens.

b. Select the required Panel Type from the drop down list.

c. Click the Search button.
A list of ‘Areas of Law’ associated with the selected Panel Type are displayed.

d. Click Select next to the required Area of Law.
The display returns to the List Items screen with the Panel Type and associated Area of Law entered in the search criteria.

3. Click the Search button.
The list displays the Items matching the search criteria. (In this example, all Items associated with the selected Panel Type and Area of Law).

  • N1 - The GST, Auditable and Active options can be switched on and off directly on the list by clicking the checkbox (green tick or red cross).

 4. To edit an Item, click the Item Id next to the Item you wish to view or edit.
The Edit Item screen appears.

5. Edit the fields of the Item as required.

The Linked Forms section lists generic forms that can be linked to this Item.

  • Click the icon under the File heading to open a copy of the Form .

6. Tick the forms that need to be linked to this Item.

7. Click the Submit button to save the updates to the Item.
The display returns to the List Items screen.


  • To return to the List Item screen without saving changes to the Item, click the Back to List button.


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