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Technical Contract Manager



Items need to be linked to Areas of Law so they can be added to Orders during the Itemise Order stage

Before you begin

  • Only the Technical Contract Manager role can manage Items. The Panel Types and Areas of Law must be created first so the Items can be linked to them.


1. On the LPG menu select Components > Area of Law.

The List Area of Law screen appears with all available Areas of Law displayed.

2. Optionally, enter search criteria and click the Search button to find the required Area of Law. g. Select a Panel Type to find associated Areas of Law.

The list of Areas of Law  matching the search criteria is displayed.
N1 - The number of Items linked to each Area of Law is displayed.

3. To manage the linked items for a particular Area of Law, click the number in the Items column.

The Link Items to Area of Law screen appears.
N2 - The master list of all Schedule Items (both individual and Bundled Items).
N3 - The list of Schedule Items currently linked to this Service Category.

4. To link an item with this Area of Law, click the item in the master list (on the left). 

N4 - The item is shaded on the master list (on the left) and is added to the list of linked items (on the right).

5. To unlink an item from the Area of Law, click the item in the list on the right side.

The item is removed from the list on the right side.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Default Rank Item.

The Default Ranking Item is used to select the item whose cost will be used to rank Providers on the Provider Selection screen.

  • N5 - To return to the Areas of Law List without saving the changes to linked items, click the Back to List button.


7. To save the list of Items linked to this Area of Law, click the Submit

The display returns to the List Area of Law screen.
N6 – The number of Items linked to this Area of Law is updated.


Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Ensure that your Default Ranking Item is an item on every Provider’s contract otherwise the Provider will be presented for selection
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