Request new Area of Law    



Technical Contract Manager



Create a new Area of Law which can be associated with one or more Panel Types. 

Before you begin

  • Only the Technical Contract Manager role can manage Areas of Law. Panel Types must be created first because the new Areas of Law need to be associated to them.


1. On the LPG menu select Components > Area of Law.
The List Area of Law screen appears.

2. Click the New Area of Law The Request for New Area of Law screen appears.

3. Fill in the fields as required.




Panel Type

Select a Panel Type from the dropdown list that the new Area of Law should be associated to

Area of Law

Code - Up to 6 characters
NOTE: Area of Law code cannot be changed once it has been created.

Brief Description

Displayed when Area of Law is selected whilst creating Orders

Full Description

Optional more detailed description


4. Click the Add button.
The new Area of Law is added to the Requested New Categories list. (It has not yet been created.)

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each new Area of Law that needs to be added.
Each new Area of Law is added to the Requested New Categories list.

6. The Areas of Law can still be edited at this point before being finalised, as follows:
a. Click Update.
The fields of the Area of Law become editable.

b. Edit the fields of the Area of Law.

c. Click the Update button. 

  • At this point it is still possible to edit the Area of Law code. Once the Submit button is clicked the Area of Law can no longer be edited.

7. To request creation of the Area(s) of Law in the Requested New Categories list, click the Submit button.

The Requested New Categories list is removed. A message is displayed indicating that the draft Areas of Law have been submitted to the Yarris support team. The support team will check the Master list to see if the Areas of Law already exist (perhaps with a different name). Once the Areas of Law have been  validated, Yarris support will create them.

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Areas of Law validated by Yarris will need to have items linked to them. See topic Link Item to Area of Law for more detail.
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