SLAs on contracts


Commercial Contract Manager



SLAs on contracts in the LPG trigger notifications to users who are at risk of breaching KPIs.

Before you begin

  • Only the Commercial Contract Manager on the Contract can edit SLAs.


1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Find Contracts.

The List Contracts screen appears.

2. Enter the search criteria as required. (To display all Contracts, don’t enter any criteria.)

3. Click the Search button.

The list of Contracts matching the search criteria are displayed below the Search button.


  • NOTE: Contracts that have no Edit link (A) are managed by another workgroup that the user is not a member of and thus the Contract cannot be edited by the current user.

Edit Contract Link

4. The Edit link opens the Update Contract

Click the SLA tab.  The list of SLA Targets is displayed. Clicking on the help icon will provide information and explanation on SLAs in LPG.

For each Milestone event (A), there is a trigger date (B) specified.  The status of the Milestone event (C) and whether the required action is expected from the Legal Provider or the customer (D) are displayed. Clicking on the status checkbox toggles the milestone between active (green tick) and inactive (red cross).

The parameters for each milestone event are defined as follows: 

a. Define how long before/after the trigger that action is required.

b. Define how long before the action is required that a warning is sent.

c. Tick if the Provider is to receive warning and breach notifications.

d. Tick if the Customer is to receive warning and breach notifications on the events requiring their action and notifications about the Provider warning and breaches. 

  •  NOTE: You can define different parameters for Orders of different priorities. In the example shown below:

1.     Orders of priority 1 are Urgent and need to be actioned within 1 Working Day with a warning received 12 hours before action is due.

2.     Priority 2 has been disabled as only four priority categories are required for this customer (NOTE: It is possible to define up to five priority categories, with priorities 1, 3 and 5 being mandatory).

3.     Orders of priority 3 are Standard and need to be actioned within 3 working days with a warning received 1 working day before action is due.

4.     Orders of priority 4 are Low priority and need to be actioned within 5 working days with a warning received 2 working day before action is due.

5.     Orders of priority 5 are trivial and need to be actioned within 7 working days with a warning received 2 days before action is due.

Select from the Override Order Priority drop down list, to force all Orders to a specific priority level for this contract.

This will override any selection made by the Job Originator while they are creating an Order.

Once all the SLA triggers are defined, scroll to the bottom of the SLA Targets lists and click the Save SLA Targets button.

The SLA Targets are saved and the display remains on the Update Contract screen so you can continue editing other features of the contract.

View Contract Link

1. To view SLA settings on a Contract, do the following:

On the List Contracts screen, click the Contract #.

The View Contract – Contract Details screen appears.

Click the SLA tab.

The SLA settings are displayed.

 Tips & Troubleshooting

To return to the List Contracts screen from the Update Contract or View Contract screens, click Return to Contract List.


  • For SLA Milestone events with a Trigger that is based on an End Date (ie (Quote Submission & Work Completion), the Action Required Date is calculated by working back from the End Date. For all other Milestone events, the Action Required Date is calculated by working forward from the Trigger date. 
  • For Invoice Milestone events, the Contract Manager can select what date to use as the Trigger date.

  • The trigger action date, can be defined using Hours, Calendar Days or Working Days.


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