Find / Edit an Area of Law


Technical Contract Manager



Manage existing Areas of Law

Before you begin

  • Only User with the Technical Contract Manager role can view the Area of Law details.


1. On the LPG menu select Components > Area of Law.

The List Area of Law screen appears.

2. Enter the search criteria.

3. Click the Search button.

The list displays the Areas of Law matching the search criteria.

4. Click the icon in the Active column to either activate or deactivate an Area of Law. (Green tick  is active. Red cross  is deactivated. Each click switches between active and deactivated.)

  • NOTE: Deactivating an Area of Law will mean new Orders cannot be created for that Area of Law. Existing Orders associated with that Area of Law are not affected by the deactivation. Areas of Law cannot be deleted -  they can only be deactivated. 

5. The number of Items linked to each Area of Law is displayed in the Items column.

6. Click the Item number to see a list of the Items associated with an Area of Law.

The Link Items to Area of Law screen appears.
N1 - From this screen you can add and remove links between Items and the Area of Law.
See topic Link item to Area of Law for details. 

N2 - Click Back to List.  The display returns to the List Categories screen.

You can create a new Area of Law by making a copy of an existing Area of Law.


To edit an Area of Law, do the following:

7. Click on the Area of Law code.

The Edit Area of Law screen appears.

a. Edit the fields as required.

b. Clicking on the Submit button saves any changes and returns to the List Area of Law

c. Clicking on the Back to List button clears and changes and returns to the List Area of Law


Tips & Troubleshooting


  • Areas of Law validated by Yarris will need to have items linked to them. See topic Link Item to Area of Law for more detail.

NOTE: If forms have been defined that need to be associated to an Area of Law, A list of generic forms is displayed in the Linked Forms section.


Tick each Form that is relevant to this Area of Law.

When Orders are created for this Area of Law, the forms will automatically be attached for the provider to fill in. (Forms can also be linked to individual Items.)

To save the changes, click the Submit button.

The Area of Law is updated and the display returns to the List Area of Law screen.



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