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After a Broadcast has been sent out to either Legal Providers or internal personnel, the Commercial Contract Manager can edit the expiry date, deactivate the Broadcast and see which Legal Firm or internal personnel have viewed the broadcast. 

Before you begin

  • See topic View Broadcast Messages for information on how the Provider Firms/Internal users view the Broadcast and attached file.


The procedure for managing Internal Broadcasts is essentially the same as for managing Legal Provider Broadcasts.

1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Provider Broadcast (or Internal Broadcast)

The List Provider Broadcast (or List Internal Broadcast) screen appears.

2. Enter search criteria as required to filter the list of existing broadcasts.

3. Click the Search

(To view all existing Broadcasts, don’t search criteria. Only click the Search button.)

The list of existing Broadcasts that match the search criteria is displayed.

4. To remove a Broadcast from circulation, click the green tick in the Active column.
The green tick changes to a red cross. The Broadcast is now deactivated. It will no longer appear in the Notice section of the users to whom it was sent.
5. To edit the expiry date of the Broadcast, do the following:

a. Click Edit.

The Expiry Date becomes editable.

b. Enter a different Expiry Date.

d. Click the Update button.

The broadcast is removed from the Notice section of LPG after the expiry date passes.

6. Click the Title of the Broadcast.

A - The View Provider Broadcast screen appears with the Read Status showing which Legal Firms have read the Broadcast.
B - The View Internal Broadcast screen appears with the Read Status showing which internal personnel have read the Broadcast.

  • IMPORTANT: When any person at the Legal Firm clicks the Mark As Read button on the Broadcast, it is marked as read for the whole Legal Firm and will be removed from the Provider Notice board for all users. It is possible that key personnel may not have seen the Broadcast.

7. To download/open a copy of the file attached to the Broadcast, click View next to the Attachment label.

8. Click the Back button.

The display returns to the List Supplier Broadcasts (or List Internal Broadcasts) screen.


Tips & Troubleshooting

  • NOTE: The Broadcast sender sets an expiry date on the Broadcast. The Broadcast will be removed from the Notice board of all users after that date.
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