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When the Rate and/or effective dates for an individual Item need to be updated, It may be quicker to update an individual Item by this method rather than Downloading the Rates to a CSV format file, editing and uploading again.

Before you begin

  • The Panel Type, Zones, Areas of Law, Items and Contract and all related links must be created prior to setting the rates.


This procedure describes how to change rates and effective dates for individual Items on a Contract. If there are many Items to be changed, it is more efficient to download the Rates as a table and edit them. See topic Download/Edit Rates from Existing Contract for details.

1. Select Contracts > Change Item Rates / Dates from the menu.

The Change Item Rates / Dates screen appears. An Item Id must be selected first before other search criteria can be specified.

2. Click the Search icon (magnifying glass).

The Find Item window opens with all available Items listed.

3. Enter search criteria to filter the list and click the Search button.

The list of Items matching the search criteria is displayed.

4. Click Select next to the Item that needs to have rates and/or date changed.

The find Item window closes and the display returns to the Change Item Rates / Dates screen. The selected Item is entered into the search criteria.

5. Enter more search criteria as required to filter the Contracts that will be displayed.

6. Click the Search button.

The list of Contracts containing the Item specified in the search criteria are displayed.

7. Click Update next to the Contract that needs to have its Item Rates and/or Dates updated.

The Rate, Effective From and Effective To fields are now editable.

8. For each Contract that requires the Item to be edited do the following:

a. Edit the Rate, Effective From and Effective To dates as required.

b. Click the Save button.

The updates are applied to the Item within the Contract.

NOTE: The update does not affect the same Item where it is used in other Contracts.

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