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A broadcast can be used to highlight important and useful information via LPG to personnel within your company. Broadcasts can be made to all personnel or filters can be set to limit which Roles and/or Workgroups receive the Broadcast. The Broadcast consists of a message and optionally an attached file. 

Before you begin

  • The procedure to create an Internal Broadcast is very similar to creating a Provider Broadcast with some minor variations. See topic Create a Provider Broadcast.
  • See topic Manage Existing Broadcast for information on:
    • changing the Broadcast expiry date;
    • deactivating the Broadcast;
    • viewing which internal personnel have read the Broadcast.
  • See topic View Broadcast Messages for information on how the Provider/Internal users view the Broadcast.


1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Internal Broadcast.

The List Internal Broadcast screen appears.

2. Click Create a New Broadcast.

The Create Internal Broadcast screen appears.

3. Give the broadcast a Title and select the Expiry Date.
The broadcast is removed from your company’s Notice board after the expiry date passes.

4. Enter the text of the broadcast Message.

5. Use the tools to format the message, insert tables, insert text copied from MS Word etc.

6. Scroll down the Create Internal Broadcast screen and, if required, click the Browse button to locate and attach a file to the broadcast.

  • NOTE: Do not deselect the Active box unless you wish to delay the broadcast visibility. If the broadcast is not active it will not be displayed on the internal personnel’s LPG notice board. 

7. You need to select the roles of the internal personnel who need to receive the broadcast. You can select as many roles as required.

8. To limit the broadcast to specific Workgroups, click each Workgroup on the Select Workgroups list (left side of screen).

The Workgroup is added to the Currently Selected Workgroups list (right side of the screen) and the Workgroup is highlighted in dark grey on the left side of the screen.

To remove a Workgroup from the Currently Selected Workgroups list, click the Workgroup name in either list.

9. Click the Create

The Preview Broadcast screen is displayed.
A – The details of the Broadcast are displayed and the name of the attached file (if any).
B – The list of internal personnel who will receive this broadcast.

10. To send the Broadcast to the selected internal personnel, click the Accept

  • NOTE: Once you click the Accept button the Broadcast is sent out and cannot be edited.

  • Use the Back button to return and edit the Broadcast (before accepting).

  • NOTE: When you use the Back button, the Supplier filters are reset to “All” and any attached file will be dropped. You will need to select the filters and attach the file again.

  • Clicking the Cancel button, will cancel creation of the broadcast.

The display returns to the List Internal Broadcast screen. The newly created broadcast is added to the top of the list.

Each LPG User who matches the filter criteria will see the broadcast in the Notices section of the Welcome screen.

Tips & Troubleshooting 

  • The Contract Manager is able to view which users have read the broadcast.


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