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An Invoiced Entity (IE) is a business unit within the Customer organisation that has an ABN. It is associated with Orders and invoices.  The Provider invoices this Entity when work is completed. The list of IEs can be filtered, new IEs can be added and existing IEs edited.

Before you begin

  • Only Users with the Technical Contract Manager role can view and edit the Invoiced Entities.


1. On the LPG menu, select Components > Invoiced Entity.

The List Invoiced Entities screen appears.
N1 - Search for a specific Invoiced Entity.
N2 - Add a new Invoiced Entity.
N3 - List of Invoiced Entities. 

2. Click the icon in the Active column to either activate or deactivate an Invoiced Entity. (Green tick is active. Red cross  is deactivated. Each click switches between active and deactivated.)

  • NOTE: You cannot deactivate an Invoiced Entity if it is associated with active Contracts.


To filter the list of Invoiced Entities, do the following:


3. Enter search criteria and click the Search

In the example shown above the search is for a specific Invoiced Entity ID. This search does not support partial matching. You must type the complete Invoiced Entity ID.

The list of Invoiced Entities matching the search criteria is displayed.


To edit an invoiced entity, do the following:

4. Click the Edit

The display may move back up to the top of the list. If so, scroll back down to the Invoiced Entity that requires editing.

5. Edit the Invoiced Entity fields as required.

  • NOTE: You cannot edit the Invoice Entity ID, only the name, the description and the ABN.


6. To save the changes, click the Update button.


To add a new Invoiced Entity do the following:

7. Fill in the Invoiced Entity fields in the Add Invoiced Entities section of the screen as required.

8. Click the Add

The new Invoiced Entity is added to the list.

  • NOTE: The new Invoiced Entity Id must be unique.  Once it has been created, the Invoiced Entity can be used linked to Users, Workgroups and Contracts. See the Related Topics section of this document for a list of relevant topics.



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