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Tip of the Month - December Edition

The Yarris Help Desk has recently been receiving help requests from Legal Service Providers regarding incorrect Areas of Law being selected for Engagements.
An Area of Law determines which providers can complete the work requested, which key personnel can be assigned to the engagement, and also affects invoicing.
Areas of Law CANNOT be changed once the Engagement has been created. If you do notice the wrong Area of Law has been selected after offering the work, please cancel the Engagement and recreate it, selecting the correct Area of Law and re-offering it to the Legal Service Provider.
The Legal Service Providers are advised to reject all Engagements that are offered with the incorrect Area of Law selected. 
Please refer to the document attached when selecting an Area of Law. We suggest keeping a copy of this next to your desk for your reference. 
Please note that ALL orders must be transmitted through the LPG. This creates a clear audit trail for everyone involved. icare has instructed that every request for advice must be transmitted to the Legal Providers through the Legal Panel Gateway.

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