Request new Item


Technical Contract Manager 



Create a new Item which can be associated with one or more Areas of Law.   


Before you begin 

  • Only the Technical Contract Manager role can manage Items. The Panel Types and Areas of Law must be created first because the new Items need to link to them. 




1. On the LPG menu select Components > Items.  

The List Items screen appears.  

2. Click the Request New Item button. The Request for New Item screen appears. 


3. Fill in the fields as required.  




Item Id 

Up to 25 characters

NOTE: Item ID cannot be changed once the Item has been created


Displayed when Items are listed while adding to Orders 

Full Description 

Optional more detailed description 


Tickif the item should be audited as part of the Claim Verification process.  An auditable item is one where the quantity being claimed can be measured. 


Tick if this Item will be made up of a collection of other existing Items. Effectively it is the name of a group of Items. 

Unit of Measure 

Determines how the item will be charged (ie per day, per meter, per job, etc)

GST Applies 

Identifies whether a Goods & Services Tax applies to the item which will result in GST increment of 10% being automatically added to invoices created within LPG.  (Applies to most item -may not apply in some cases such as Council rates) 

Default GL Account 

(Optional) Use the magnifying glass to search for the required account.Used to cross- reference your company's accounting software. 


4. Click the Add button. 

The new Item is added to the Requested New Item list. (It has not yet been created.) 


5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each new Item that needs to be added. 

Each new item is added to the Requested New Item list.  


6. The Items can still be edited at this point before being finalised, as follows: 

a) Click Update

The fields of the Item become editable. 


b) Edit the fields of the Item. 

c) Click the Update button. 


At this point, it is still possible to edit the Item Id and Description. Once the Submit button is clicked the Item ID and Description can no longer be edited.  

7. To request creation of the Item(s) in the Requested New Item list, click the Submit button. 

The Requested New Item list is removed. A message is displayed indicating that the draft Items have been submitted to the Yarris support team. The support team will check the Master Item list to see if the Items already exist (perhaps with a different name). Once the Items are validated, Yarris support will create them. 


Tips & Troubleshooting 


  • Items validated by Yarris will need to be linked to all Areas of Law that require the item. See topic Link Item to Area of Law for more detail.   
  • Rates for the new item will need to be loaded against all contracts requiring the item.  



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